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Synthetic Monitoring in cloud


Hello all, 

how would synthetic monitoring work for cloud? 

The situation is the following: I want to monitor a webapplication, which is only available via intranet and hosted via cloud. Normally you need a private location with an ActiveGate in order to be able to use synthetic monitoring. 

Is it exactly the same when it is in the cloud? 

Greetings, Max


Dynatrace has public synthetic location, where you can add the location and enable the monitoring.

Here is the list of public synthetic locations:



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey @MaxHeeren if your application that you want monitored is not publicly accessibly via the internet (Behind a DMZ, air gapped, internal-only), then you would likely need to use an ActiveGate deployed as the Private Synthetic Monitoring endpoint.

Start off by deciding what type of Synthetic Monitoring you want, and then decide if you will set that up via the Dynatrace hosted Public Synthetic Monitoring endpoints or you will host your own via ActiveGate.

Hello @bsnurka 

thank you for your help. Yes, I think I would need a private location for that. The app is only available on the intranet, but is provided by cloud.  Is this also possbile, when the application is in the cloud and not on-prem?

Yes, regardless of where the application is physically running, if it is only available via Intranet, it would need to be monitored via ActiveGate deployed as the Private Synthetic Monitoring endpoint.

Ok, thank you! And from the private location, it would communicate with the app in the cloud, correct?

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