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Synthetic OnDemand Browser Monitor Timeout Value


Hi Team,

Can someone confirm the Ondemand Monitor timeout value Vs Playback Monitor.

As per my understanding both have 60MIN Max however this is not the case in actual.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The timeouts are the same for on-demand and playback monitors. They will be the same as the settings you have for your tenant (in your case 60 minutes). 

The difference, I suspect, you are seeing is that the on-demand page has a 90 minute timeout for when no response is returned from a monitor - in your case where you see the websocket crashes on your player. 


No Hannah i can see timeout happening for OnDemand - Browser Monitor 5 mins which is creating a issue for On-demand to send overall timeout in 90 mins.






Yes, the timeout you see for on demand executions failing is due to the Websocket error is 90 minutes. If the monitor fails gracefully - because a page doesn't load in time etc - this will be shown in the webUI. The resolution to this issue is to resolve the websocket timeouts on your monitors.
There are a couple of solutions:

  • overloading of the ActiveGates, you can check the utilization using dsfm:synthetic.browser.engine_utilization metric in the data explorer.
    If this is the case, please either add an extra AG into the location or add extra resources to your AG and reinstall it.
  • change the waits in the events where the crashes occur