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Synthetic monitor - screenshot



I have a question about Synthetic browser monitors and screenshots captured :

we test one url in a browser monitor.

One day, the screenshot displayed in summary in the middle of the Synthetic Detail page, showed that the css was not loaded: text was displayed but not the layout.
When I check the detail of all the runs which occured during the day, I didn't found any run in error, and I didn't find  the same screenshot.
It's in our test environment : we run it only each 4 hours.
One run had the status Re-run. Is it possible that the screenshot displayed in summary was linked to the 1st run, and the 2nd is displayed in the detail of the run?

Can you confirm that, when a css is not loaded, the script will finish in error?


Thank you,



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The reference (Actual) screenshots are taken every 24 hours, and as soon as possible after the monitor is started. So yes, it is likely that the reference screenshots were taken in the earlier executions. If the monitor has been failing for over 24 hours, and we have been unable to take screenshot recently, then the reference screenshot will be older.

Where an execution is a re-run,

  • if the execution was successful then we show the reference screenshots.
  • if the execution was unsuccessful then we show the reference screenshot as 'Expected' next to the 'Actual' screenshot. The 'Actual' screenshot is taken during the 2nd execution. 


When a css is not loaded, the script will finish in error only if you have something in the script to request that. So if that css prevents the wait from being completed it will fail for that reason. But if the page gets a 200 and the wait successfully completes, and you have no content validation  on your page, then the execution will be successful. 

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

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