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What is "Response status: No response" means?


Hi Dynatrace,

Our Client sent us a screenshot of their request on one of our API.

They told us that upon calling our API, the response status they got is "No response". Upon checking the logger of our API. It did't log any entry of calling our API. I'm asking here on what "No response" status means?

I search the meaning of this Response status and did't found any useful reference.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Your screenshot does not show a call to our API, do you mean the Dynatrace API? If yes I would need the exact endpoint and call to verify.

Not dynatrace API. this but an API we created.

No response in general means that target server didn't respond in any way during time that request was waiting for response.


Hi @Sebastian K. thank you for your response. does this mean it is a connection issue?

From my experience, target process was unresponsive because of some issues. No response in general means that you reached process (port was open) but transaction wasn't handled by server.


Not handled by the "Server"... you mean the API that they are trying to reach?

Basically "AppUniversalOnline" API cannot handle the transaction being sent? Also can you confirm if this is a failure on "AppUniversalOnline" API. Thank you!

appuniverse api is not responding.


Thank you for the confirmation @sebastian k.. Is there any way we can extract the logs of this? like the stack trace on why it is not responding?

You don't have any data from unresponsive api side in such case. Basically what I'm doing if I have there agent, I'm looking at process metrics, process logs, host metrics and trying to figure it out why it was not responding. If you don't have agent there and have no access to any tool that can provide you metrics/logs, then sorry but there is no access. No Response isn't exception as well so looking for stacktrace in such example will not work.


Thanks @sebastian k. for the information you provide.