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With next generation of Synthetic Monitoring how to manage IoT devices


With next generation of Synthetic Monitoring how to manage IoT devices. I can not explore option for using IoT devices simulation through new SM.

Below link mention that with the pace of application changes and ways of engaging with customers through mobile and IoT devices new SM solution will provide the platform the achieve the same and Classic SM will be decommissioned in later 2019.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Closest thing I've seen after digging through internal threads was a user creating a custom plugin to monitor it, but no options for Synthetics yet.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It really might depend on the type of IoT devices you are intending to monitor or emulate/simulate. Considering what I know about IoT, and that I have several devices at home, not connected to Dynatrace, yet ;-), it seems to me that you can have several options:

  • If the devices only communicate some data through some webservice calls, you could do it with an HTTP monitor, using the current Dynatrace synthetic offering.
  • If it is a little bit more elaborated, you can eventually simulate/emulate it through some extension you could develop, and then feed data directly into Dynatrace with an Activegate extension. To have an idea of some existing extensions, you can look them up here:
  • If you have the code for the IoT devices, integrating more data would be probably possible with OpenKit. Or you can feed in data through the API. Given the new DDUs, I believe this will be a more interesting solution. But it does have some restrictions that might apply in an IoT environment.
Antonio Sousa

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