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i want to do browser monitoring for (Automate) one of the check we do daily but i have some issues in configuring


when we configure in browser monitoring, url asks for one time password this is not Multi factor authentication (but its like a code which we will get only from one dedicated person and if you login with unknown ip address it will ask for code i mean by default browser monitoring check will open in incognito mode ). Is there any way how to configure the check. i need someone help to configure this i am trying from 2 months but no one helped me


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hello Karnati!


Is this code dynamically generated? If it is I recommend checking out the following documentation which goes over supported authentication schemes:


Hope this helps!




Hello Jacob,


Thanks for you reply.


Yes the code will generate dynamically but we dont have access for that code we will get that code from one dedicated person only he has access for that code.

how about the page loading in incognito mode?

otherthan the single or browser monitoring every page will load in incognito with a differnet IP.

when its getting request from different IP it will ask for security code.


is there any way that dynatrace will open page in chrome only?

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