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"File downloads are currently not supported": new synthetics error message?


This morning we have begun seeing this error message "File downloads are currently not supported" when doing simple file downloads on external nodes. (Think, download a PDF as part of a test step for a monitor.) This only happens on external nodes.

Why is this happening? Should I be concerned that my private nodes will have an issue with downloads - perhaps a disk space issue over time?


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Don, file downloads were actually never supported in Dynatrace, However, previously we did not fail the monitors. The file download request failed in the waterfall, but the action was still treated as a success. Therefore the test did not fail. Since we were seeing a lot of support cases come in pertaining to this topic, we decided to start failing the monitors that include/trigger file downloads in order to make it more obvious to a customer what is actually happening. I apologize for any confusion.