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The AWS CloudFront is being detected in Dynatrace but metrics have no values.

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AWS CloudFront metrics are not visible in Dynatrace. Check the permissions for the region and Dynatrace Activegate properties. Follow the steps mentioned in this article. Raise a support ticket or contact us via chat.


Based on the documentation page from AWS:

To get the CloudFront metrics from the CloudWatch API, you must use the US East (N. Virginia) Region (us-east-1) so the first check would be to see if the of the ActiveGate that you're using has this region set.


In order for you to do this, navigate to the ActiveGate host, locate the file and edit it.

Make sure to add the "us-east-1" region. To add multiple regions, you can see below how the format should look like


aws_monitoring_enabled = true
aws_client_regions = "eu-west-1;us-east-1"


Save the changes and a restart of the ActiveGate is necessary.


On the AWS side, the credentials must have at least these permissions for us-east-1 region:



If you're still having issues with the set-up, please contact Dynatrace support team, either via chat or a support ticket and we will assist further.

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‎12 May 2023 08:21 AM
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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

thank you for sharing this @Filip-Rus i will keep it handy as we look into the AWS Space



@ChadTurnerand @Filip-Rus,

I just wanted to make sure whether it is possible or not to get Distributed Traces from an AWS CloudFront web service.

I imagine that is not, and we can only get the metrics shown in the AWS webpage, but I would really value a somewhat official response from Dynatrace to share it.