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Dynatrace Advisor

What is a HAR file? 
HAR is the short form for HTTP ARchive format, which tracks all the logging of web requests from an application. This can also be captured for web requests from webview of hybrid mobile applications.

How can we get the HAR file?
Most commonly you can use google chrome or safari for getting the HAR file. You can also use a real device or simulator to capture the HAR file.

It is usually common for hybrid application to have both iOS and Android builds. For iOS, it is usually easier to debug and get the HAR file using safari however you can still use chrome. For, Android it is easier to do this using google chrome as you just have to plugin in the device to your machine and it is readily available for debugging. You can also use a tool like Inspect which is a very powerful tool and can do mostly anything similar to chrome developer tools.

  • Using Chrome
    • Open Chrome
    • Go to chrome://inspect
    • You should see the your app listed in the Remote Target
      Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 3.57.53 pm.png
    • Click on inspect
    • You should be able to download the HAR file in the network tabs 
      Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 3.57.23 pm.png
  • Using Safari (iOS)
    • Setup your device (iPhone)
      • Plugin in the device to your machine (Mac).
      • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced
      • Enable Javascript and Web Inspector.
    • Setup your browser (Safari)
      • Open Safari
      • From the top menu go to Safari > Preferences
      • Go to Advanced and select "Show Develop menu in menu bar."
    • Get the HAR file 
      • Open Safari
      • From the top menu go to Safari > Develop
      • From there you should be able to select your device and your apps
      • Then you should be able to see your webrequest traffic for export.
        Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 4.19.25 pm.png
  • Use Inspect
    • The Inspect tool can be used for Android or iOS. You can follow the instructions from their website.
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