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Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


How can I control the version of the ActiveGate/OneAgent that's runnning as a pod inside the Dynatrace Operator? I would like to avoid auto-updates.


You would need to find the custom resource YAML file that you have applied when you set-up the Kubernetes monitoring and the Activegate version that you want to use.


Edit the YAML file using your editor of choice, navigate to this section and uncomment the image line, replace ENVIRONMENTID with your actual environment id and replace also  the "latest" with the version you want to have. The structure is "1.majorVersion.minorVersion"


# Optional: Sets the image used to deploy ActiveGate instances
# Defaults to the latest ActiveGate image on the tenant's registry
# Example: ""
image: ""


# Enables classic fullstack monitoring and changes its settings
# Cannot be used in conjunction with cloud-native fullstack monitoring, application-only monitoring or host monitoring
# Optional: If specified, indicates the OneAgent version to use
# Defaults to "latest"
# The version is expected to be provided in the semver format
# Example: {major.minor.release}, e.g., "1.200.0"
# version:

# Optional: Sets the URI for the image containing the OneAgent installer used by the DaemonSet
# Defaults to the latest OneAgent image on the tenant's registry
image: "":


Save the edits you have made and while being logged to your Kubernetes environment, run this command


kubectl apply -f <yourCustomResourceFile.yaml>


Same applies for Openshift, just the command differs:

oc apply -f <yourCustomResourceFile.yaml>

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Write up! being able to control the Updates is critical for organizations.