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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Besides the technical stuff: what about learning materials/upgrade path for end-users?


Hi all,

I've been grasping around in quite a bit of upgrade to saas info but most of it is all technical. Perhaps I'm not looking at the right spot but I can't seem to find a upgrade path for end users. For end-users it's quite a big change (visually and functionally) when upgrading from managed to SaaS. Questions I have are:

  • are there any learning programs (like video's on Dynatrace University specifically guiding users from managed to the new SaaS GUI.
    • I've looked in the docs and university but I can't find the info that would help my users to figure out where to look for items, how to use new functionality (eg new dashboard app compared with the old one) etc. The "upgrade to SaaS" course in the university is more about the config and agents.
  • In the past there was an option to turn off the new GUI and keep in the old "managed" style. Is that option still there. In other words is there a way to split the technical mngd to saas upgrade from the user education perspective.
    • preferably I want to move to SaaS for the end user in an "As is" view so we can make sure technically we're upgraded into SaaS
    • part 2 would be gradually switch to the new GUI and introducing the new apps. Reason for this is that teams have their own sprints and backlogs to manage and have limited time for learning the new stuff; the business implementation capacity is limited.

Looking forward seeing the responses,

Kind regards,



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