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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Big Bang or Phased migration approach


Hi community, 

planning upgrade to SaaS, i'm reading this Doc page:

So, i can choose "Big Bang approach" or "Phased approach" and there are some advantages/disadvantages described. Someone can integrate other advantages/disadvantages, or points? 



Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Docs have been updated:


Big Bang approach

The Big Bang approach offers a comprehensive migration in a single instance. This strategy is ideal for organizations aiming for a quick and decisive transition.


  • A highly connected and interdependent monitoring setup is maintained
  • Everything is moved at once with minimal risk of monitoring downtime
  • It is a time and cost-efficient upgrade process


  • There is a high coordination and communication effort
  • We recommend tests in smaller sandbox or pre-production environments

Phased approach

The Phased approach involves a gradual transition, allowing you to migrate specific components or user groups over time. It provides flexibility and minimizes potential disruptions to your operations.


  • Siloed infrastructure and organizational setups can be migrated one-by-one.
  • Trial and error migrations with quick feedback and learning on how to setup new SaaS tenant
  • No downtime due to the temporary hybrid setup


  • Temporary hybrid model can result in a disconnect of Full-Stack Monitoring
  • Extended upgrade timeline and higher costs due to longer periods of duplicated deployments (hardware & cloud)
  • Dynatrace web UI differences between Dynatrace Managed and Dynatrace SaaS
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