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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Can anyone please provide Pros & cons of having multiple SAAS environments vs single environment

We are in a process of migrating to SAAS, we would like to understand pros & cons of having multiple environments. One thing is we can define license only at environment level,if same environment is shared by multiple Org's within company we don't have control of to restrict license at org level.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


First, from your words, I suppose you already have more than one environment in your Managed instance. If true, you would probably go that way, and sort out your licensing issue with Dynatrace.

There are several threads discussing this and related issues; some that came out from a search:

Antonio Sousa


According to the documentation

pros & cons of having multiple environments: 

When you set up multiple monitoring environments:

  • Each monitoring environment shares the same user base and other account settings.

  • The data collected from each monitoring environment is kept separate.

  • It's easy to switch between monitoring views for separate environments to track the performance and availability of each environment.

Use cases

There are several reasons people choose to create separate monitoring environments.

For example:

  • You may want to monitor your organization's development, staging, and production environments separately.

  • You may want to maintain a separate monitoring environment for each of your organization's data centers.


the cons.

  • if all environments have the same architecture, you will have to create the same configuration for each environment (you can also use monaco for this)
  • manage the UAC can be a pain if you are not oriented to a Participatory information


Hope it helps

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