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Key requests

Frequent Guest

We are migrating from DT Managed to SaaS. Anyone knows what happens to the marked key requests during the config migration? We are using the oneagent re-route option.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Your key requests will not be migrated, since they are part of Services entities and they will also be "new entities" in your SaaS.

You can use Monaco, or play with APIs to make sure the same requests will be marked as Key Request in your SaaS env.

Example, you can list (get) all the current key requests you currently have in your Managed env, schemaid: builtin:settings.subscriptions.service, and then post it, for each service (objectid) once they are ready in SaaS env.


Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

While migrating configurations, KeyRequests are associated to a specific Service ID. So, when re-routing the OneAgent traffic you'll have to check if the new Service ID on SaaS is the same one as the one in Managed (not likely).



If is not the same ID, you can either reconfigure KeyRequests for each service through the UI or, better, modify the scope (serviceId or objectId) during the migration of your Key Requests configuration (either Monaco or API).

Eric Yu | LATAM ACE Consultant

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast


Often, service IDs will be the same in both tenants because of the algorithm that creates the ID.

But you are right, IDs may and will change during a migration
If you do not want to bother manually matching thousands of IDs across tenants, you may be interested in trying the Config Manager:


The config manager will match every type entity IDs using their properties (name, ip address, etc.), but also topology (relationships). Then they will be automatically replaced in your configs.

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