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🎥 App Functions 101: The Backend of Your Dynatrace App

Community Team
Community Team


In this video, Edu Campver @educampver , Developer Advocate, will showcase Dynatrace Apps functions.

You'll learn what app functions are, their use cases, and their limitations. We’ll explore how to integrate them with third-party REST APIs, handle heavy data processing, and manage credentials securely. Discover how to create and consume app functions using the Dynatrace JavaScript Runtime and get hands-on with real examples.

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00:00 Introduction
00:18 What are app functions?
01:15 The Dynatrace Javascript Runtime
02:07 Anatomy of app functions
02:47 Creating app functions
03:13 Access third-party REST APIs
03:54 Error handling
04:35 Logging
05:02 Allow outbound connections
05:33 Consume app functions
06:26 What's next?

🔗 Links shared in the video:

JavaScript standard built-in objects: 
Dynatrace JavaScript runtime: 
App functions: 
Secrets management: 
App function logs in Grail: 
Allow outbound connections: 
Consume app functions: 
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