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🎥 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks - Episode #12 on JavaScript in Dynatrace Best Practices with Arijan Zenuni

Community Team
Community Team

Episode 12 of our Dynatrace Community practices with Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner focuses on best practices using JavaScript in the core Dynatrace Platform components such as Notebooks, Dashboards, Workflows, or when building your own Dynatrace Apps using Dynatrace AppEngine.

In this session, Arijan Zenuni @arijan_zenuni walks us through several code examples he put together in Dynatrace Dashboard that captures data from external data sources (JSON or CSV), merges it with data in Dynatrace, or uses it to process it using DQL (Dynatrace Query Language). He also walks us through best practices for writing JavaScript tasks in workflows and highlights the JavaScript Runtime and SDK Documentation in the Dynatrace Developer Portal.

Links we discussed:
Dashboard on GitHub: 
Developer Portal: 

Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
01:15 - What you're going to learn today
02:38 - JavaScript in Dynatrace Platform
03:17 - CodeTile in Dashboards & Notebooks
03:33 - Use Case - External JSON Data into Dynatrace
05:22 - Use Case - External CSV Data into Dynatrace
06:05 - JavaScript Runtime & SDKs Supported
07:24 - JavaScript Task in Workflow
10:20 - Live Demo

The recording is available also on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Great Session, thanks for sharing! 


Dynatrace Mentor
Dynatrace Mentor

Awesome! This session was very helpful!! 💪🏻

-César S. - LATAM Solutions Architect

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