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🎥 Dynatrace Tips & Tricks – Episode #6 with Sebastian Krystosik

Community Team
Community Team

In the sixth Dynatrace Community Practice session with Andi Grabner (@andreas_grabner), we have one of our Community Super Users (DynaMights) - Sebastian Krystosik (@skrystosik), Solution Architect at Spica Solutions, who focuses on Getting Started with OpenTelemetry and OneAgent SDK Instrumentation.

The session and live demos cover:

  1. General best practices on manual code instrument
  2. Instrumentation C++ with OpenTelemetry
  3. Extending PurePath with OneAgent SDK for Ruby and Delphi

The additional links discussed in the video:
Getting started with OpenTelemetry:
Dynatrace OTel Documentation:
OTel Semantic Conventions:
Information on Delphi:
Information on Ruby:
OneAgent SDK for C:
Dynatrace Hub Listing for Ruby on Rails:

➡️ LINK to the webinar on YT

➡️ LINK to the webinar on Dynatrace University


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