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🎥 Dynatrace Workflows: Hands-On Slack Integration

Community Team
Community Team

In this episode of DynaLabs, we're exploring Slack for Workflows with Technical Product Specialist Kale Lazic @kalelazic from Dynatrace ONE.

In Dynatrace terminology, a workflow is a way to automate a series of tasks. It can be used for automating a wide variety of functions, such as:
x Responding to incidents
x Generating reports
x Orchestrating IT processes
x Integrating with other systems

Links discussed during the session:
Introduction to workflows: 
Create workflows in Dynatrace: 
Workflow integrations: 
Slack for Workflows: 

Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction & Agenda
00:44 - Documentation Overview
02:25 - Supplementary Dynatrace YouTube Resources
03:35 - Slack for Workflow Demo
12:40 - Whitelisting Domains
13:57 - Back to SlackIntegrationDemo example

- - - 
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