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🎥 Mastering DPL (Dynatrace Pattern Language) - Extracting the Data from the Data

Community Team
Community Team

In this Observability Clinic with Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner and Tiit Hallas @tiitha you will learn about DPL

Dynatrace Pattern Language (DPL) allows you to describe log patterns using type-based matchers instead of complex Regex or string matchers. DPL and the DPL Architect provide an easy, flexible, and resilient way to extract the data from your log data stored in Dynatrace Grail at any time, across any timeframe, even when log structures change.

To learn more about DPL and the DPL Architect, join this session with Tiit Hallas, Principal Product Manager at Dynatrace, who walks us through an end-to-end security forensic scenario using the power of DQL and DPL.

Links discussed in this session:

Dynatrace Pattern Language (Doc): 
Dynatrace Query Language (Doc): 
DPL Architect: 
Practical Guide to DQL (Dynatrace Query Language): Dynatrace Notebooks & DQL in Action
Learn DQL Playlist

Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
01:15 - What you'll learn today
02:24 - Requirements to Log Analytics
06:12 - Security Analytics Use Case
07:12 - Problem 1: Hard access data when I need it!
07:42 - Solution 2: Dynatrace Grail and DQL
08:36 - Problem 2: Regex is hard and only delivers text!
09:46 - Solution 2: Dynatrace Pattern Language (DPL)
12:27 - Compare DQL with Regex
13:07 - DPL increases speed and provides types
14:44 - LIVE Demo on DPL
24:25 - Use Case: Log Format Changing
36:48 - Wrap Up

The recording is also available on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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