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🎥 Sustainable IT - Optimize Your Data Center's Carbon Footprint With Dynatrace

Community Team
Community Team


Dynatrace enables IT Operations, SREs, and Software Engineers with three levels to reduce carbon emissions by giving recommendations on optimizing resource utilization of your data centers, right-sizing on host and container level, and optimizing your application code, enabling you to do green coding.

In this observability clinic, we have Klaus Enzenhofer @KlausEnzenhofer  , Product Manager at Dynatrace and Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner, walking us through how Dynatrace calculates Carbon Impact of your environments. He then demos the Dynatrace Carbon Impact App and shows how to follow the optimization recommendations. Lastly, he shows how to access the raw carbon impact data to answer specific questions such as "What is the Carbon Impact per Application or Team?"


To learn more about the Carbon Impact App: 
To sign up for a Dynatrace SaaS Trial: 


00:00 - Introduction
01:18 - Why Sustainable IT is important
01:47 - Legal Requirements for Carbon Reporting
02:36 - ESG (Environmental, Social, Government)
03:14 - What's the challenge Dynatrace solves?
05:30 - How Carbon Footprint is calculated
07:34 - 19% Reduction of Carbon Footprint
08:32 - Carbon Impact App Live Demo
28:52 - 3 levels to reduce your carbon emissions


The recording is available also on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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