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🎥 Tenant Config Migration

Community Team
Community Team


Dynatrace Config Manager is a powerful open source tool that enables tenant-to-tenant migration of configurations in very little time. Large organizations with complex Dynatrace deployments have successfully used this tool to Upgrade to SaaS and leverage Grail features since then.

UI-Based: Automation will handle low-level config handling.
Assisted Migration: Cruise through Credentials, OneTopology, TerraComposer and Push all configs.
Dependencies: Configurations are often linked to each other. Let the tool handle this for you.

To see a migration in action, watch this technical walk-through tutorial by David Cryans @dcryans, Global Solutions Engineer at Dynatrace and creator of the tool.


Helpful links:
Latest Release: 
SaaS Upgrade: 


Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
00:30 - GitHub repo
01:09 - Todays agenda
02:34 - Upcoming videos
03:28 - Live Demo: Migrate existing tenant to a new tenant
10:21 - Dashboard dependencies Use Case
12:28 - Wrap Up

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