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🎥 The Observability Guide to Platform Engineering - Part 1: Platform Observability & Success KPIs

Community Team
Community Team

Increasing Developer Velocity, Improved System Resiliency and Scaling DevOps Best Practices are the top reasons organizations invest in building Internal Development Platforms (IDPs). An IDP is a software product, often but not mandatory built on top of Kubernetes, enabling developer self-service for all relevant use cases in the software development lifecycle.

Like any product, observability is needed to understand whether the product works as expected, is efficient, resilient, and provides the desired value to the end users.

Join this Observability Clinic where Andreas Grabner @andreas_grabner , CNCF Ambassador, and Global DevRel Lead at Dynatrace, walks you through:

- Architecture of IDPs including Platform (Storage, Messaging, ...) & Delivery Services (GitOps, Testing, Security, ...)
- What KPIs measure the success of an IPD: Adoption, SPACE, DORA
- How to make your Platform Observable: Metrics, Logs, Traces, End User Behavior
- Practices on defining SLOs and SLAs for your Platform Services

Links discussed in this webinar:
Dynatrace Trial: 
Dynatrace Playground Tenant: 
Dynatrace Tutorials on GitHub: 

Chapter List:
00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:20 - What you'll learn today
00:03:00 - Intro to Platform Engineering
00:10:32 - Platform Engineering at Dynatrace
00:22:48 - Hands-On Platform Engineering
01:01:25 - Live Q&A

The recording is also available on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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