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🎥 What's New in Dynatrace - v1.280

Community Team
Community Team


In this episode, Kale Lazic @kalelazic  and Berkan Akbulut @berkan_akbulut cover the updates from Dynatrace release 1.280: 

In the talk, we referenced many resources. You can find them listed below or get them and the video by navigating to our Dynatrace University: (Sign in to Dynatrace University. Select "On Demand." Select "Webinar Series" and click on the "Dynatrace Webinars Course." Select this video!

If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Dynatrace ONE team: 


Additional links we discussed:
Mainframe Monitoring - MSU-hour consumption: 
Log Ingest Rules: 
DQL Query Builder: 
Timeseries Metric Command: 
If you want to give Dynatrace a try, get your own SaaS trial: 
To watch more tutorials go to 
To access documentation: 
To get to the blogs: 
Visit the Dynatrace Community: 


Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
00:57 - Playground Tenant
01:32 - Release Notes 280
02:05 - Mainframe Monitoring with DPS
04:02 - Log source and storage configuration upgrade
06:58 - LIVE Demo Session - Announcements
08:43 - Settings REST API change: Host auto-injection
11:09 - Settings REST API change: schema ID
12:15 - Unified attribute privacy settings
14:57 - Aggregation functions available to use with DQL timeseries and makeTimeseries commands
17:11 - New DQL functions
18:04 - New Query Builder in Notebooks
19:16 - New metrics mathematical operations
20:32 - Credential access extended to specified users and Dynatrace Apps
22:44 - LIVE Demo Session - Platform
34:45 - Peer certificate information hidden in execution details of HTTP monitors
35:34 - LIVE Demo Session
37:34 - Community And Resources


The recording is available also on the Dynatrace University: LINK

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Thanks for the video.
Some cool new items to try 🙂

Observability consultant - Dynatrace Associate Certified

You're welcome! Hope testing all of this new stuff will be fun 😄 

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