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🎥 What's New in Dynatrace - v1.289

Community Team
Community Team

In this episode, Berkan Akbulut @berkan_akbulut and Kale Lazic @kalelazic cover the updates from #Dynatrace release 1.289: 

We referenced many resources in the talk. See them below, or get them and the video by navigating to our Dynatrace University:
(Sign in to Dynatrace University. Select "On Demand." Select "Webinar Series" and click on the "Dynatrace Webinars Course." Select this video!)

If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Dynatrace ONE team: 

Additional links we discussed:
Notebook v289 - Playground environment: 
Dashboard v289 - Playground environment: 
If you want to give Dynatrace a try, get your own SaaS trial: 
To watch more tutorials, go to 
To access documentation: 
To get to the blogs: 
Visit the Dynatrace Community: 

Chapter List:
00:00 - Introduction
01:50 - Release notes 1.289
01:58 - Breaking change: Additional failure detection rules for Unified Services
04:49 - Live Demo - Breaking change
06:43 - Platform: New category in the metric selector in Explore metrics
07:22 - Platform: Improved variable management and capabilities in Dashboards
09:16 - Platform: Improved exploration of logs
09:30 - Platform: Improved exploration of metrics
10:22 - Platform: Duration formatting starting from the largest unit
11:07 - Platform: Rerun confirmation
11:43 - Platform: Standard cloud fields as permission fields
12:47 - Live Demo - Platform features
21:45 - AppSec: Third-party default monitoring mode
22:16 - AppSec: Entity-level change events with more contextual information
22:40 - Live Demo - AppSec features
27:15 - Infrastructure: Enrichment of cloud application topology using semantic dictionary attributes
29:45 - Infrastructure: Improved concurrent auto-update handling
30:35 - Application Observability: Span kind endpoint detection
31:55 - Live Demo - Application Observability
32:22 - Feedback and Resources

Recording on Dynatrace University.

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