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AIX host monitoring - CPU Usage - problem detection

Hi nice community members,

I'm a little bit ashamed of asking this question but: does Dynatrace opens a problem if CPU usage is more than 95% for a 3 out of 5 minute interval for an AIX host?

PS my case and AIX host had 100% of cpu usage for a all morning /agent installed in infrastructure-only / standard anomaly detection / no problem open


best regards to everyone


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

That would depend on your anomaly detection settings for your AIX Hosts. Check out on of your AIX hosts and click settings>Anomaly detection. You can have CPU set for Auto (AI Detected) or set a custom Threshold. 




Yeah, I was giving for granted that this was the standard config. But no problem opened and asked on the support chat.


They told me : "it appears that actually this is a limitation in Dynatrace. As this is a feature that is currently unavailable, I would recommend posting an idea for this feature"

So before I post an idea I really need to be sure that this is the case (no CPU usage is raised for AIX system)

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