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Dynatrace not noticing sudden CPU increase

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we have a Dynatrace SaaS instance monitoring some of our local hosts.


Today at 8.40, the CPU on one of the hosts spiked from 20% (normal usage) to 70% (still is at 70%).

Dynatrace didn't signal anything in the "Problems" section. Why?

I'm attaching a graph of the CPU.


Furthermore, in the Settings->Anomaly detection->Infrastructure, the "Detect CPU saturation on host" setting is active. Maybe 70% is not a sufficient value to trigger an alarm?




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

As you suggested yourself, 70% is not enough to trigger a problem. 

You can find the defaults in the documentation.  For CPU Usage on a Host it is 95% in 3 of 5 one-minute intervals.


You can change this setting environment-wide, for a host group or a single host.


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Possibly the conditions for an alert to be generated are not met. You can create your own alerts in which you can define a more sensitive threshold and under the conditions that you want.



2021-05-13 09_59_30-Custom events for alerting - Canales GrupoSecurity - Dynatrace.png


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