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Active Gate MQ Monitoring Custom Event Filters and MQ Configs


Hello folks-

I'm back with yet another question regarding Dynatrace Active Gate monitoring of MQSeries. {applause}


Aanyway... Does anyone here have any experience, or link to online documentation, that may help in our configuration of custom event filtering of conditions in MQ (i.e. queue at high depth, channel in retry, message in DLQ, etc.)?

I am feeling that (for message queues) that I have to set the QDPHIEV(ENABLED) to generate an event in MQ?  And...maybe (at the QMgr level) LOCALEV (ENABLED)?  Can anyone confirm this?


I have altered one of the message queues to (what i thought) trigger a Queue Depth High threshold alert (note:  settings on the queue are : QDEPTHHI(80)  & QDPHIEV(ENABLED)) but Dynatrace is not showing this queue (currently at a 96% usage) as an event in the dashboard.  See screenshot.


What am I doing wrong...or otherwise?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@MDRAHIM You are the MQ Master!