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Add a custom alert



I am new to this and what I want to implement is that you notify me by mail where there is some kind of error (whatever) in a custom chart that you configure.

Can that be done?



@Pedro M. This can be done several different ways. is their a specific service, process, transaction that you would like to be alerted on in the event of an issue? Dynatarace's AI Davis does an amazing job detecting and alerting on these issues but you can take it a step further by marking requests as "Key requests" tagging specific processes/services/hosts/applications for alerting profiles etc.

If you want to mark something as a key request you can find it via the transactions & services, as well as follow it from the host page. please let me know if you require assistance setting this up.

Click Here to Learn More About Making a Key Request

Thank you,


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello Pedro,

In addition to everything Chad said, to get the notifications by email you will need to set up an Alerting Profile based around all the instances/tags that you want to be alerted on, as well as an Email Notification Integration that uses the Alerting Profile you set up.

Please checkout the following documentation for everything you need to know about setting up an Alerting Profile here:

And here is the documentation on setting up the Email integration:

Feel free to comment back on here if you'd like additional help on setting up your specific alerting needs.



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