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Adding Ownership into the Problem Payload in Dynatrace


Hello my company and one of the SRE support teams supports over 100 different sub teams and microservices in k8s. We are trying to see how we can leverage the data in ownership and add that into the payload to a outbound API paging tool like PagerDuty. I know the problem notification screen allows us to customize the payload with variables but ownership is not one variable that is provided today.

We have some great info in Ownership area for the microservices, pods etc. Like team info, email MS channel, sharepoint info etc, but none of that ownership metadata is being passed over in the problem APIs. Only Tag values which i am not aware of any way to auto tag ownership values to build tags. 

Any open ideas would be great. Would love to see how others are trying to tackle a similar situation. 


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

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