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Availability Alert Change?

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

we seem to be running into a logic issue. All of our hosts that are production ready reside in a Management Zone Called "Production" and they also reside in the Production environment. Reason being is we want to isolate items that have been deployed dark in Prod and are not taking in customer transactions. 

Our alert Profile works off that Production Management Zone. and then has all the severity rules. The Management Zone captures all monitored entities where Hosts/Processes/Services do not contain a tab in which identifies them as in dark mode. 

This is where the Logic issue comes into play. Were monitoring 6 Hosts, and they seem to be having connectivity/availability issues. The servers are indeed up, but the OneAgent is having trouble communicating. Thus putting these hosts into an availability alert. We see the problem card, but for some odd Reason its not qualifying for our Production Alert Profile. When we dug down we found that the host lost its Management Zone Association This resulted in it not qualifying for the alert profile and therefore the alert integration. 

Has anyone else ran into this? the only Logic that I found is that our Management Zone rules are looking at "Monitored Entities" and when the host is reporting into Dynatrace Its in the correct Management Zone, but once the connectivity issue shows up, it drops out of the Management Zone, all the associated tags etc drop out. As if its no longer a monitored entity and therefore the monitored entity rule doesn't apply. The only way to ensure the tagging or Management zoning of these entities is to be done via the entity selector rules. But that selects everything, Monitoring candidates and all. 

Has anyone else run into this issue? IM working on a solution now to mitigate the gap in alerting. 


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Sorry, have not seen this

Dynatrace Certified Professional

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

I'm curious to see these configurations you are using. The problem notification and alerting profile specifically. I'm wondering if something external, whether it be a server reboot of some sort, is clearing the one agent's Management Zone and tagging values. Customers in the past ran into issues where their servers reset the oneagent whenever their servers rebooted. Wondering if this could somehow be related?

@kobecharles I provided a support ticket on this that contains all the data surrounding the oddity. Ticket: 272163



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