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Alerting custom metric exceed 24h window


Hi all.

I have a custom metric and I need it to raise a problem if it exceeds a value for 24 hours.

But when doing the custom events it does not allow to do it (the value must be less than 60 minutes). 





Does anyone have any ideas how can I do it?


Thanks in advanced!!

Best regards.

Jose A


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This currently isn't available in the product but would be a great RFE to put in.  


you have found a solution for this problem ? because we have the same case on AWS eventbridge, we want to trigger an alert if the event does not occur for 24 hours.

We have the same scenario here. It doesnt seems so unusual

Community Team
Community Team

@JAR Did you submit a product idea with your case? Or maybe have other news to share with Community users?

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