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Alerting for HTTP monitor failing


Hi  i 'am trying to send alerts when my http monitoring fails, i have setup up alerting profiles and with severity rules and even filters but the problem that is created by the synthetic monitor always falls under the default alerting profile.

let me know if have to make any changes to my settings.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Can you re-check if your HTTP monitor has this key-value pair tag?


If that alerting profile is only for that HTTP monitor, and no performance alert is configured, you can delete all severity rules except "Availability alert".
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The tags do exist and we use the same alerting profile for infra monitoring and application monitoring as well so the other rules are required

But event filters down are not going to alllow to receive infrastructure problems. Only problems matching "HTTP monitor global outage" or "HTTP monitor local outage".

Anyway, if problem is raise, and it is opened 10 minutes, it should be matching that alerting profile. Only availability problems in relation to HTTP monitors with that tag.

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hi, the tags were fine but i had to add http monitors rule in my management zone and then it started working. thanks for your help. Will have a look at my alerting profile rules that you had mentioned.

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