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Alerting when activation of deep monitoring was unsuccessful


We recently ran into an issue when a monitored Nginx server was updated to such a new version, that the OneAgent version that was installed didn't yet have support for it. This was easily fixed by updating the agent and then restarting the monitored process again. However we didn't get any notification about this issue, until we simply saw the blank sections under our service data. Is there any way to detect this? I would prefer not to use the "low traffic" alerts as a fix, because it's a different thing: no usage vs. monitoring failure. There are also many services where we wouldn't care when there's low traffic, however we would always, without exception, want to know if the deep monitoring injection fails for a process.

I guess it could be an RFE to have alerts whenever this "deep monitoring activation failed" message comes up. As a quicker solution, I was wondering if it's possible to somehow query that info via the API? That is to e.g. list the no. of deep monitoring failures in the environment, or something to that effect. Has anyone else struggled with this, and perhaps come up with some kind of solution?


I guess in order to solve this via the API, I would need a new parameter here:

Something like "injectionProblem" with a boolean value true/false, so that I could request a list of all processes where the injection has failed.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I think this would be a great RFE


Thanks for the feedback Chad, I've created an RFE now. Please do vote it up 🙂

Up voted 🙂


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