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How to send test notification continuously


Hi all,

We are sending the events to Micro Focus OBM and we want to be sure the integration between Dynatrace and Micro Focus OBM is healty. So, we want to send test notification to OBM for every 5 minutes. Then we will follow the test event and if it doesn't send to the OBM, we will understand easily that there is a problem between Dynatrace and OBM integration.

Is it possible ? If we create the false custom event for alerting, does it send the events for every 5 minutes until the incident is close ? Or, is there a any API ? For example, we will call to API and it will trigger the test notification ?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

There is no out of the box continuous test for that. How I would solve that is to send an external event with title 'Test' into Dynatrace every 5 minutes and then check on the receiver side if the test event is coming in every 5 minutes.

In a future release we will offer a delivery success/fail metric that you can chart and alert on.

Thank you for your answer but your suggestion can't work in our system architecture. We want to send test event from Dynatrace to MicroFocus OBM and follow it from OBM side. So, if we create a custom event for alerting, does it send event for every 5 minutes ?

For example, the custom event is for CPU Usage % and the threshold is "raise an alert if CPU Usage above %0" So, the event is trigger everytime, but does it send notification every 5 minutes ?

You will either have to raise an event (API call to Dynatrace for example) or use a metric in your environment that changes regularly and custom events for alerting can be used.

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