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Alerts does not trigger after setting some memory threshold


Dear Dynatrace Gurus,


Was trying to play around with the alertings but somehow i found that the memory alert is not triggering after i have setup a custom threshold as per screenshot below.

Any idea what i may have missed on the settings ?. 

Thanks for helping out. I appreciate it. 




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey Afrezal,
When setting custom thresholds through that method it takes into account both memory usage AND page faults so just double check you are breaching both of those thresholds at the same time. If you are confirmed to be breaching both of those thresholds and it still isn't reporting then I'm not too sure what could cause that sorry. I haven't been able to test it in my own environment since I don't have any reported page faults.

A different approach which I have tested could be to set alerts for just a single metric like memory usage or page faults. You can set that up in settings. The following docs page walks through that process.


Hopefully this helps!

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