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Alerts in step level and test level



I have to send test level alerts to different email distribution and few individuals email ids and step level alerts to different email distribution and few individual email ids. I have few common names in both the alert configurations and I am also a part of both configurations. I configured the test alerts as said. Once the tests started running all I receive is step level alerts (both response time and transaction time). I haven't received any test level alerts.

So here is my question. Will the person in both step and test level configurations receive both alerts or just step level alerts? If they are going to receive just step level alerts then what should I do in order to make them receive both alerts.

Please help me in figuring this out.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Do you mean the synthetic part of Dynatrace? Yes there is no way as of today to filter for step and location level alerts. Both people will get the problems for the synthetic test.

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