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Assign alerting profile to users


The option of assigning alerting profile to users seems to be removed? Or is there some prerequisite to have it available..? At least I could find it anymore in the alerting profile settings, though I do remember seeing it there before (with other environments). How do I then control which problem notifications are displayed in the top right corner of the Dynatrace web UI? So I'm talking about the number of problems displayed within a red box.

I'm referring to this:

"Once you’ve created a new alerting profile, you need to assign the profile to specific users. The assigned profile will control the problem notifications that are sent to these users and the problem tally that appears in the menu bar."


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I've noticed that as well, would be good to know why it was removed, used that option alot.

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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dear Kalle,

Yes we did remove the direct assignment of profiles to users as it had a lot of trade-offs, including security ones.

As of today you rather should use a management zone for the user to restrict the delivered problems for a person or an entire team to a subenvironment in Dynatrace.

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But there a still valid use cases that are not possible now.
If a developer should have access to the environment settings, but only wants the Problems for his environment displayed in the UI, that would not be possible currently.

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@Patrick H. and @Kalle L, The link you supplied is out dated and a new feature has replaced that function. Dynatrace now uses management zones to define who gets what alert. With that Management Zone you are able to link them to alert profiles. This works the same way for Dynatrace Mobile App Alerts.

I'm on the fence with this feature as it has limited our mobile app alerts as well as made things a bit more cumbersome.

Here is the link to the newest feature release that changed the functionality:


Would it be possible to bring this feature back? I don't want to add restrictions to management zones that may obscure problems, I just want to make notifications quiet so people can sleep at night when nothing critical is happening.

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