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Create an alerting profile where management zone IS NOT xyz-stage


Hello everybody,


I am trying to find a solution to send everything by default via an alerting profile but not alerts for a specific management zone, like for example alerts for the staging environment should not be sent.

I thought about something like "management zone IS NOT xyz-stage", but the filter for the management zone can not be negated. 

So looks like I have to create a management zone for PROD and send everything related to that, but when something new is setup in my tenant, I need to adjust the management zone again, right? 

My default profile should contain any prod related problems.


Are there any ideas out there? Any best practices? 


Thanks in advance guys!




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Negations haven't been implemented yet. You could try to tag all those entities in the other MZs but not tag the ones you don't want then base the alert profile off that tag value. 


When will negations be implemented? I'm trying to do something similar with tags in alert profiles.

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