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Custom Alerting - BatchJob Method Innvocation Count



I have defined my Batchjobs as a key service 


I have 3 Batchjobs,

(1) runs/hour

(2) runs/24hour and

the 3rd one runs/week


All i want is to be alerted if the Batchjobs method invocation is <1,  does not get executed in an hour or in 24 Hours & in the 3rd case once a week


If BatchJob() count is below <1 in an hour, raise an alert ...This would tell me the BatchJob has not executed in its pre defined execution times


Is this even possible in custom alerting? how ?


I treid using RequestCount 


but looks like its averging the count which is not i want


as the average value is below 1 ...looks like its throughput/min


All i am looking for is when method innvocation count is <1 for more than 24 hours, fire an email alert


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hello @shahrukh_niazi 

You can create a Multidimensional analysis for the key request with the following:



Then create a calculated metric. 


Then Create a custom event for alerting.


Then you can use this custom event for alerting profile.




Thanks Baber. That was it.  


I have few BatchJobs that runs daily from 8am to 6pm.  They remain off on weekends and after 6pm business days. I doubt Dynatrace can map alerting based on the above conditions. Alert only during business hours if count <1  , or in some cases they run on Weekends only , one time on Saturday & once on weekend. 

I doubt this alerting requirement can be mapped to Dynatrace alerting profile


Hello @shahrukh_niazi 

You can use the maintenance windows for this purpose.




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