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Custom alert for no-data availability


Hi community, i have a question for you.

I have a Browser Monitor, which test an URL from the outside my company network. Now my Cluster ActiveGate, which execute this test, is automatic blocked by a firewall rule, so my browser monitor say "no data" in availability timeline, like this:

So, my question is, can i create an alert for no-data availability? Beacause, for now i must check this problem manualy.

Thank you for your help,



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

you should be able to configure outage alerts - I would assume that would include not data but I have not tested it. Check your settings - if is set to alert then we might need to look at another solution.


Thank you Chad for your answer. Unfortunately i have already set it, but this setting is related to a "unavailable" metric. My problem is "no metrics generated", so no test executed, and Dynatrace don't alert me.

hmm yeah this is going to be a tricky one Do you also have monitoring unavailable on the alert profile for this?


Yes Chad, i have this option enabled

Hmm, This might be a good RFE to post unless someone else has a solution to this


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

This is something we repeatedly asked for when migrating from the Classic synthetic. What is needed is an alert when the Activegate has lost contact with Dynatrace.

There is an RFE on this, it seems to be planned, but I would suggest you upvote it anyway:

Antonio Sousa