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Dashboard for MQ "Custom Device" Problem Overview




We are using the Dynatrace ActiveGate MQ plugin and I wanted to create a dashboard (using honeycomb tile) to show an overview of all of our MQ Queue managers (custom devices) with the cell to turn red if a current problem exists for that device.


Any ideas how to use the honeycomb to do this?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you could use this: ext:tech.IBMMQ_Java.Listener.ListenerStatus:splitBy("dt.entity.custom_device"):avg:auto:sort(value(avg,descending)):limit(100)


And set it to IBMMQ then add in a color threshold schema via the Data Explorer. 





Hi Chad.  Thank you, for your response.  Yes that is one of the overviews that I want.  But, what I was specifically, looking for was if a device encounters any configured problems (i.e. Dead Letter Queue messages, full message queues, etc.).

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I believe this is a good fit for an RFE.

Indeed there is no metric available that shows the overall status of a custom device (any type).

You can see if any custom device is with some open problem, doing the filters on the Problem page. You can use tags to this filter , or Custom device Group (if all into the same) and then pin it to a dashboard, but it will not be so pretty as the Honeycomb widget.

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