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Deal with HTTP 500 Internal Server Error as an controlled errors


Hi all,


we've one application sending HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when we are dealing with a controlled error.


This is a common bad practice but this application is consumed by several clients and is not so easy for us to change the behaviour.


Dynatrace raises problems for these HTTP 500 Internal Server Error  (as usual) but they are not "real" errors.


So, there's any option in Dynatrace to obviate these HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in the problems and not raise problems in this kind of HTTP 500 Internal Server Error (maybe based on some exceptions or messages)?


Regards, Josep Maria


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

In the error detection settings for a given service you have some options. One option is to change the HTTP status code settings to not consider 500s an error but odds are you don't want this if it is only certain cases where the 500 is 'controlled.'


I think your best bet is to see if you can find the underlying exception that causes the 500 to be sent and then add it as a 'client abort' exception. This is like 'ignore exceptions' but will also override error status codes being returned. Basically, if we see such an exception that PurePath won't be marked as failed no matter what.

Thanks, good solution!

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