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Details in problem notification



We have one requirement where we want a problem notification to display some more information like the conditions that is added in post execution field of HTTP Monitor.

For ex:-

If (XXX service is working)

Then Success


(This xxx service is not working)

So is it possible that the text "This xxx service is not working" will get appear in problem notification



I don't think it is possible to make it like that. Only way to customise messages of problems is defining custom events, but there is limited logic that can be used to that. As well you will have to create custom events with static thresholds for multiple incidents. You will have as well sometimes duplicates between custom events and problems generated by Davis automaticaly.



@Akshay S. While this is not currently available, I would recommend tinkering around with the email integration subject line and the place holders available. You can also put in static things as well. Say you have an alert profile set up for easy travel. you can set the subject line to include Application: Easytravel_PRD Open Problem# 123 - High CPU on host ABCD1234.

Just an idea to mess around with and see if you can get closer to a resolution


Hello Chad,

Yes. that will work if we have only one condition but what if we have several such conditions like below,

If (XXX service1 is working)

Then Success


(This xxx service1 is not working)

If (XXX service2 is working)

Then Success


(This xxx service2 is not working)

and so on....

Basically, we have HTTP monitor for one page which is displaying status of services and if any service goes down then status will change accordingly. This will fail HTTP monitor and we get problem notification for the same.

I even tried with Browser monitor but in problem notification it just says "Validate text match failed".


yeah, in your case you'd almost have to create multiple monitors and name them for each service that is being reported on the page, and the system will report back failed validation. so "Http monitor Service-Easytravel failed content validation."

its not perfect, but its a start


Hi Chad,

Can we get this done via log file monitoring? I can see log entries for "Service Down" on activegate.


its worth a try, the only thing is you will have to deploy the Oneagent to the activegate for the log file detection and then you can create detection rules. Its a good idea and id be very curious to the outcome.