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Does Dynatrace trigger alert/problem when one of the locations for Synthetic tests go down(infrastructure issue/maintenance)?

Scenario: A synthetic test has threshold of 1 failure on outage handling. If there is is infrastructure issue/maintenance and if test fails at a location, will there be any alert generated for this failure?


@Maciej G. any help on this one?


Hi Bharathi,

If your Outage handling settings in Dynatrace for your synthetic test is configured to alert when 1 location is unable to access your web application on first occurence, then yes it will create a problem and alert for this failure. If you do not want it to alert on this, there are a couple of options

  1. Modify your outage handling settings to alert on 2 or more locations and set it to 2 or more times consecutively for the failure to occur.
  2. Create a Maintenance Window in Dynatrace and set the scope to Browser monitor and clickpaths, Add a tag to this application and ensure that the maintenance window created in Dynatrace has a filter of the tag you placed on the synthetic test. See here on how to create maintenance windows in Dynatrace.

Please let me know if this works for you or if you need clarification on anything.



If the Outage handling settings is configured to alert when 1 location is unable to access your web application on first occurrence and if the synthetic test fails due to Dynatrace infrastructure issues at Dynatrace locations, does the test still trigger an alert?

Are you asking if an alert will be created if the Dynatrace node where the test is executed from is offline or down for some reason? That is it is unable to run the synthetic test? If that is what you are asking, it should not create an alert because if the Dynatrace node is offline or down for some reason, the synthetic test should not run at that location.



Yes, that is what I am asking. If the Dynatrace node has some DNS issues or other infrastructure issues and when the synthetic test fails because of such errors, then does those failures trigger alert?

Can you please confirm if the Synthetic tests do not run for any Dynatrace infrastructure issues?

What happens if one node is down/offline and 2 other locations are good while my outage threshold is set to 3/all locations unavailable? Does it generate a problem?

No it will not generate a problem as the threshold is to alert only when all 3 locations are unavailable. As 2 are fine, no alert will be created. For your other question, I am not exactly sure what the Availability SLA is for synthetic nodes but there is a lot of resiliency involved for the nodes in various locations. It isn't just dependent on a single infrastructure at a node location. You may want to discuss with your sales resource what this availablity SLA is for synthetic nodes and the details on the resiliency and failover for the nodes.

Hope This Helps



So, can we conclude that there is no way to know if the synthetic test fails due to the locations' infrastructure issue ?


If I understand the above concern correctly, dynatrace announce/alarm if there is any issue with the dynatrace synthetic node.

You'll get alternate node options while selecting node.

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