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Dynatrace Mobile App version 4.0 not sending push notifications

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Problems are detected by Davis and can be seen on the problems page, and within the app. However, no push notification is received.

I learned today that the Environment Role 'Manage support tickets' controls people's access to view environments in the mobile app so I'm wondering if there are other roles that can control push notifications too.



Hi @lwaldrop ,

Did you enable this flag on  Settings > Integration > Dynatrace mobile App?




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@erh_inetum Yes that is enabled. I believe it might be the Environment permission 'View security problems' needs to be enabled. I enabled several permissions and started receiving push notifications again, and when that one was removed the notifications stopped. I'm testing that right now and if it yields a result this would suggest to me that the Account Policy 'Environment Role - View security problems' is different from the Environment permission 'View security problems'.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello @lwaldrop,

I've asked the team about this issue, and they let me know, that:
The environment role 'Monitoring viewer' is needed, and the user needs to have management zone permissions for the problems if they are only monitoring viewer for some management zones. The mobile app does not work yet in combination with IAM policies. A user still needs the Monitoring viewer role.

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@MaciejNeumann This tracks with what I found in testing and what support sent back to me. Under the Environment Permission (not Management Zone Permission) I enabled "View security problems" and by default "View environment" was enabled as well. This is when we started receiving Push Notifications on problems detected.

Support also stated that this is on their roadmap however gave no indication on timelines.

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