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Email alerts for custom events


Please confirm if we can send email alerts for problems detected under Anomaly Detection category.

Custom events for alerting.

How to configure this please help.

It is creating a problem but no alert.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Sanjeev,

To get problem notifications by email you will need to set up an Alerting Profile based around all the instances/tags/custom alerts that you want to be alerted on, as well as an Email Notification Integration that uses the Alerting Profile you set up.

Please checkout the following documentation for everything you need to know about setting up an Alerting Profile here:

And here is the documentation on setting up the Email integration:

If you'd like to be emailed for every problem in your environment, you can use the "Default" alerting profile which will include all entities.

Feel free to comment back on here if you'd like additional help on setting up your specific alerting needs.



Iam looking for email option for sending an alert. Iam not able to configure this.

Problem Notifications can be set up by clicking "Settings"->"Integration"->"Problem Notifications". From this page you need to click the "+Set up notifications" button and select the "Email" option.

From there you can configure how you want the email notification to look as well as where you want it to be sent.

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