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Error detection settings


In many areas of Dynatrace, we are able to define rules based on contains/does not contain a certain text string. Within the Error Detection settings, for Ignore Exceptions, we are able to ignore a broad set of functional errors by using our general exception namespace. These functional errors are attributed to garbage in/garbage out (bad request parameter values that we have no control over).However, we have particular error messages that we do NOT want to ignore. I have not been able to figure out a way to ignore where message does NOT contain a string. Our list of errors that would like to ignore is quite extensive while those we want to capture is very small. Are there any plans to add contains/does not contain options to the Error Detection settings? Is there another way to accomplish my goal?



Hi Charity,

I will suggest you create a Request For enhancement for this here as this seems to be a valid use case. I will suggest performing the ignore of functional error using your general exception namespace in the Ignore exceptions under Service -> Settings -> Error Detection and then creating Custom handled exceptions for the ones you want to be marked as errors just below it. I honestly cannot confirm if this will work because I am not sure if ignore has a higher priority over the custom ones but it is an option to try to see if it helps accomplish what you are trying to do.




I should have mentioned that I already tried the custom handled exception hoping it would override, but that didn't work. I'll create the enhancement request as you suggested. Thank you!

hi Charity,

We are also looking at similar requirement. Please post the REF link if you have already created.




Excuse me @Charity A., maybe you can help me.

You told that you could ignore a broad set of functional errors by using general exception namespace. Can you please give me an example? Thank you in advance!

All of our functional errors are handled in code by a specific GeneralException namespace. If you edit the Service Settings for a Custom Service in Dynatrace, you'll see an Error Detection option, and a section for Ignore Exceptions. By adding our GeneralException namespace, Dynatrace will ignore the errors thrown by that namespace.

Thank you very much Charity 🙂

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