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Exclude/Ignore HTTP 5xx Series Error with specific exception message

Could someone confirm that can we still ignore even HTTP 500 class exceptions by utilizing the Client abort exception? As far I have understood correctly we could utilize the following option to exclude exception even when a 500+ is returned.



We are trying to exclude exception from calls which are throwing "500 - Internal Server Error" and have excluded the following exception RequestError / "Samat tiedot muokattavana toisessa ikkunassa" as client abort exception but the exception rules are not working on this case.




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Yes this is correct 🙂 


Just to confirm, that should we still be able to exclude the HTTP 500 series vie Client abort exception since I got this answer to my support ticket. So currently little bit confused that should it work or not.

If you look at the error detection result on the call, you can see that the call fails because of the HTTP code (500), not because of an exception. You could suppress 500, but that is usually not what you would like to have. Currently, there is no way of doing something like "ignore 500 if a specific "harmless" exception is thrown"; this is a known shortcoming of the current failure detection approach.

Hi @janne_olkoniemi 
Im facing exactly the same problematic.:alert_blue:

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