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Exclude a Tag from Alerting profile




How can we exclude any particular Tag from Alerting profile.

Ex: I don`t want to get a problem for "Mayana" Tag entities from default/production alerting profile.


Also how can stop/turn off sending the resolved email alerts for any alerting profile.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You have two options. First is defining Management zone that will exclude unnecessary entities and then use it as a filter in Alerting Profile. Second option is defining alerting profile with tag filters (you cannot use exclude rule there, so you have to do it using includes).


Regards, Sebastian

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @skrystosik 

Can you please show us the exact configuration for the !st option.


Im using onther way:
Exclude directly the undesired entity from the Management it self.


I created a tag and put all the desired entities inside.

When I create the desired MZ, I add a condition like: and tag not equals to ....

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You could also look at using the negate function on the alert profile of alarms. Keep in mind tho you can only use 1 negate per alert profile. You could also set an automatic tagging rule that tags the desired entities while leaving out the undesired one(s).

Let me know if you need any other assistance.




Is there a solution which does not involve creating more management zones or tag rules ? The utilisation of other tags or management zone induces the possibility or errors caused by object being created/removed and complexify the solution.


In other words, should we open another RFE to get a simple solution to this which does not imply complex redefinition of tags or MZ but simply allows a "negate" tag rule in the alert profile definition ?


How the Tag Key is working in Alerting Profile : whether it is working as filter to locate the exact tag or something else please provide your inputs here





I am also facing same problem. I have defined one custom event for alerting on a service for response time monitoring. But whenever it trigger, it also send notification to all other alerting profile because it has some common tags. What I tried to do it to use Add a event filter in all remaining alerting profile which I want to ignore. For that I deined like -> "Custom: Title not contains 'Americas US [Microservice] subscriptions [P2 QA]'" . But that did not work for me. There are only two options comes in drop down :- custom and predefine and both are useless for me, it seems.

Please suggestion what should I do now. I don't want management-zone related solution. I want a small fix for small problem like this.


Same here...

We want to alert the specific development team if a service fails containing the tag Team'X'

If that tag does not exist, it should be picked up by a catch-all rule.

But that catch-all rule now receives also all team-related problems, causing some 'notification-fatigue' causing some problems being not detected by people not watching the dashboards all day


Same issue here. 

Allowing to negate by tag would be great. 


Same here...

+1 to have negate by tag for alerting profiles

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