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How Dynatrace will be calculating the baseline on user file upload and high vol traffic on month ends.. ?

Hi there!

We have oneagent in place for the monitoring the service and process level. I see from the documentation the baseline is calculated based on the service method and service group level with the reference values calculated for the request of type static, dynamic and pre-defined service method calls.

But, in the case of a user file upload as he is performing the same request for which some time his file size might be in 1MB and some times more than 10MB, how baseline will be calculated.. ?

Also, In our monitored app, the traffic of the app surges on the month ends as people will try to download or view the documents more due to the business needs, even in this case how baseline will be calculated as the traffic deviation will be high when compared to the earlier week.. ?


Ravi K.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Baseline calculation is described in great detail in the doc.

Baselines are based on daily and weekly patterns, not monthly patterns.

Keep in mind that you can set your own parameters in Settings -> Anomaly Detection -> Custom Events for Alerting. This might provide you the control you need.

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